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Gunsmithing: A Potential Career Choice?

In today’s economy, investigating alternative methods of generating income is almost a must. Many people are returning to college to gain additional skills that can help them generate extra income, but an increasing amount of people are also turning to trade schools. In a trade school, you can learn a highly specialized skill, opening up the opportunity for a career (either as your full-time job or on the side) with much less competition from others.

One such career is gunsmithing, an art that seems to have been lost over the years. There are several gunsmithing schools across the country in which you can learn the valuable skill of gunsmithing. Some, like the Pennsylvania Gunsmith School, are completely dedicated to the art and craft of gunsmithing. Others, like the Colorado School of Trades, offer reputable gunsmith training programs within their curriculum selection.

There are even several online gunsmith programs. If you’re not located near a gunsmith school for hands-on training, an online school can help you learn the majority of the skills you need. The remainder of the skills can be learned by working at a local gun shop for a few months.

Gunsmithing schools not only offer valuable training for people who want to learn how to take care of their own collection but also a solid career direction. As a gunsmith, you can work for a gun shop or even start your own business that specializes in customizing, repairing, and adjusting firearms. You can provide your services to a wide variety of customers from collectors to hunters.

Gunsmithing is only increasing in popularity, which can lead to a difficulty in obtaining a position in the future if too many people crowd the field. If you’re interested in gunsmith training, now is the time to act!

Why Sales Can Seriously Damage Your Health

Talk radio has always been a good forum for debate and so I’d like to bring a bit of that debating here! And the topic for today is out of control consumerism. I’m not some sort of hug a tree earth mother who gives her kids sticks as a birthday present, hell I seem to buy her a new set of Hello Kitty earrings almost every week, but I simply can’t, and won’t, get my head around the some of the antics my fellow humans get up to during a shopping trip.

This article is inspired by the news item concerning an employee of a retail outlet who was trampled to death, yes death, by a crowd of shoppers who went berserk during a Black Friday fire sale. This was reported in the New York Times by the way, I mention this because I imagine many of you will just assume I’m making the whole thing up, and why wouldn’t you!? The story reports that one man was killed and several other members of staff injured when crazed sale shoppers broke through the locked doors of their local Walmart. Now crazy behavior during sale is nothing new, it’s been going on for years and it’s not uncommon for arguments to blow up between customers and stores to be left in such a state that they look like a battlefield.

However, never in a million years would I have believed that a group of shoppers would just ignore and trample over a member of staff and leave him there on the floor to die. I’m sure some of these same shoppers must have walked past him on the way out, as he was wheeled into the ambulance. What went through their heads? Did they care that they’ed killed a man to get a cheap TV?

And if you were in any doubt, women are just as bad, if not worse, than men when it comes to this consumer insanity. I also read that in a Toys R Us two men shot each other and both died when they started fighting over a much sought after toy. And why did they start fighting? Because their wives had started the fist fight between themselves in the first place. This kind of consumerism is a disease…discuss!


Rural Internet – Levelling the Playing Field.

The internet is a great lifestyle enhancer for those of us living in Rural Montana. In decades gone by the joys of living off grid in a remote location came at a price – chiefly the isolation from the centers of commerce, communication and employment found in more urban areas.

With the advent and widespread adoption of broadband internet, this drawback is almost completely eliminated. Let us take shopping for example, where as previously we might have to drive an hour – or if you go back further, ride an hour! – to get to a store to make a purchase, we can now shop from the comfort of our own homesteads.

Modern communications technology has given us equal access to all sorts of consumer goods, as well as numerous merchants to choose from. No longer do we need to go to the one store selling refrigerators and blindly purchase whatever they have to offer as whatever price they demand. Now, we can thoroughly research this type of purchase, read up various refrigerator reviews, explore refrigerator prices, and select the best online retailer.

Even better, we can get these purchases shipped right to our door! While having a refrigerator delivered in the heights of a winter blizzard may still be difficult, for most of the rest of the year we can make it happen.

Of course, no one can buy goods without a medium of exchange.  Money being the natural choice! In the age of the internet there are ever more jobs moving online. These range from low paying data entry jobs, to jobs for IT professionals that pay very well.

Being able to work these jobs from anywhere in the country is great. We can enjoy the laid back ambience of our rural Montana homesteads whilst still pursuing a career – no need to relocate to the hustle and bustle of someplace like NYC just to get a job. Rural internet has really levelled the lifestyle playing field!

Could You Live in a Developing Country?

In these troubled economic times in America it is tempting to give up on the American dream and to emigrate to a foreign country. It is not something as commonly done in the USA as Brits who move to Australia; but it is increasingly becoming a tempting option fro some Americans. Whereas many Americans fled to Canada to avoid the Vietnam draft, the parlous condition of many Americans lives have made them think about seeking their fortune elsewhere.

Whereas developed countries in Europe as well as Canada, Australia, Japan and New Zealand are often expensive to relocate to, they offer more security and perhaps better career opportuniities. Or do they? Traditionally, many Brits went to Hong Kong until the reunification of the island with mainland China. There they made their fortunes and better lives for themselves then they could have done at home.

Many young people go traveling and they find a country and a culture that they truly love. They get a job, learn the language and end up staying permanently in a different country. These people often sacrifice material possessions for what they percieve as a better quality of life.

Today visa restrictions are tighter than ever, and as a consequence it is not always easy to start afresh in a new country. In some professions such as diving people are continually evading the law moving from one country to the next. They do this because they love diving.

A popular place to start a business is Thailand. It is a country blessed with great weather, a good standard of living and cheap living costs. People go to Koh Samui, Phuket, Changmai, Koh Lipe, Khao Lak and Koh Phangan often with the intention of setting up a small bar and living the rest of their lives in a tropical idyll. Other than running the gauntlet of continually applying for non-immigrant visas the only solutions are retirement visas or marrying a Thai. There are many success stories in Thailand of ex-pats making a new life for themselves, there are more horror stories of being cheated in business and even being posioned by their spouses.

The risks are high relocating to a developing country, but the dream remains. Maybe more so than the American dream.