Beaches in Thailand

It is no accident that most of the population of the United States, Australia and other countires bordering the ocean live by the sea. There is something soothing about watching and hearing the waves lap against the shore. Many people also go to tropical beaches in the Caribbean, South East Asia, the Indian Ocean, Brazil and elsewhere to enjoy their holidays. Golden sands, cocktails on the beach, bright blue skies, hot weather and paradise locations are the epitome for many of the perfect vacation.

It is great to live your life on a beach. I did so for a year once. I rented a cheap bungalow in Maenam, Koh Samui by the month. This is an island in the Gulf of Thailand that has lots of great beaches to enjoy as well as plenty of amenities to make life comfortable such as supermarkets, modern hospitals, international restaurants and so on. I could find basically everything I could want while living on Samui island.

The only drawback with living in paradise is that I noticed the other ex-pats that I sometimes hung out with often had a bad attitude towards the locals. They didn’t learn to speak Thai and they constantly moaned about the Thais not doing this or that correctly. It almost felt like a self-fulfilling prophecy when they were robbed in business or otherwise swindled.

At the same time there is a habit to get too wrapped up in the drinking culture when living on a cheap beach in Thailand. There is also the temptation of illicit substances as well as readily available girls for hire. It struck me that you have to work harder at keeping your integrity and soberity when you are living in paradise.

Perhaps it is true what they say about a bit of suffering building character. I now prefer just going to the beach for two week holidays rather than living there.


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