Go Diving

Missoula is landlocked and as such the inhabitants of this fine city sometimes feel a little stir crazy. The flat land can sometimes seem interminable and can cause depression. One way to solve these land locked blues is to keep chickens, but as we know chickens are not everyone’s idea of therapy. I have just returned from a trip overseas to Thailand, and one of the most theraputic things I discovered to do was to go diving.

I went to a small island called Koh Tao. Its name means turtle because the island is shaped like a turtle. They also incidentally have turtle breeding areas in the north. I stayed on a small beach called Jansom Bay on the west coast. It is a beach with only two places to stay, andI stayed at the cheaper Koh Tao Bamboo Huts on a hill overlooking the sea. For the first few days I just swam, relaxed and stared at the ocean. I find that very relaxing.

However, by the third day I made a decision that I wanted to become more intimate with the sea, to discover its secrets. So I signed up for a three day Open Water PADI course. It felt strange studying on holiday, but I loved the pool work. When I eventually got in the ocean at Jansom Bay and so all the colored fish I knew immediately that I had found something important to me.

For my other dives I went to Sail Rock. I didn’t see a whale shark but I swam through an underwater tunnel. It was incredible. There is a real sense of freedom underwater. It is virtually effortless to move and the silence is broken only by the sound of your heart beat.

Next year, I’m going to the Red Sea to do another scuba course. The sea is where its out!


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