Rural Internet – Levelling the Playing Field.

The internet is a great lifestyle enhancer for those of us living in Rural Montana. In decades gone by the joys of living off grid in a remote location came at a price – chiefly the isolation from the centers of commerce, communication and employment found in more urban areas.

With the advent and widespread adoption of broadband internet, this drawback is almost completely eliminated. Let us take shopping for example, where as previously we might have to drive an hour – or if you go back further, ride an hour! – to get to a store to make a purchase, we can now shop from the comfort of our own homesteads.

Modern communications technology has given us equal access to all sorts of consumer goods, as well as numerous merchants to choose from. No longer do we need to go to the one store selling refrigerators and blindly purchase whatever they have to offer as whatever price they demand. Now, we can thoroughly research this type of purchase, read up various refrigerator reviews, explore refrigerator prices, and select the best online retailer.

Even better, we can get these purchases shipped right to our door! While having a refrigerator delivered in the heights of a winter blizzard may still be difficult, for most of the rest of the year we can make it happen.

Of course, no one can buy goods without a medium of exchange.  Money being the natural choice! In the age of the internet there are ever more jobs moving online. These range from low paying data entry jobs, to jobs for IT professionals that pay very well.

Being able to work these jobs from anywhere in the country is great. We can enjoy the laid back ambience of our rural Montana homesteads whilst still pursuing a career – no need to relocate to the hustle and bustle of someplace like NYC just to get a job. Rural internet has really levelled the lifestyle playing field!


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