Why Sales Can Seriously Damage Your Health

Talk radio has always been a good forum for debate and so I’d like to bring a bit of that debating here! And the topic for today is out of control consumerism. I’m not some sort of hug a tree earth mother who gives her kids sticks as a birthday present, hell I seem to buy her a new set of Hello Kitty earrings almost every week, but I simply can’t, and won’t, get my head around the some of the antics my fellow humans get up to during a shopping trip.

This article is inspired by the news item concerning an employee of a retail outlet who was trampled to death, yes death, by a crowd of shoppers who went berserk during a Black Friday fire sale. This was reported in the New York Times by the way, I mention this because I imagine many of you will just assume I’m making the whole thing up, and why wouldn’t you!? The story reports that one man was killed and several other members of staff injured when crazed sale shoppers broke through the locked doors of their local Walmart. Now crazy behavior during sale is nothing new, it’s been going on for years and it’s not uncommon for arguments to blow up between customers and stores to be left in such a state that they look like a battlefield.

However, never in a million years would I have believed that a group of shoppers would just ignore and trample over a member of staff and leave him there on the floor to die. I’m sure some of these same shoppers must have walked past him on the way out, as he was wheeled into the ambulance. What went through their heads? Did they care that they’ed killed a man to get a cheap TV?

And if you were in any doubt, women are just as bad, if not worse, than men when it comes to this consumer insanity. I also read that in a Toys R Us two men shot each other and both died when they started fighting over a much sought after toy. And why did they start fighting? Because their wives had started the fist fight between themselves in the first place. This kind of consumerism is a disease…discuss!



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